Argentina Real Estate

Rukan & Inkalen

Rukan, Pegasus’ real estate development, leasing and property management company, is one of the most experienced in Argentina, whose team has developed over 1.8 mm square meters across different asset types

Rukan team includes architects, engineers, brokers and administrative backgrounds that have been working together for 7 years in Rukan and for another 10 years prior to its formation

These professionals have significant experience in the development of retail, office and residential projects, having delivered to date more that 1.8 mm sqm of property

In addition, Rukan has been performing property management activities since 2009


Inkalen has a seasoned team with track record in shopping center management and it is led by professionals with extensive experience in the industry


Acquisitions & Development

Asset Management

Commercial, Leasing & Marketing

Design & Construction

Property Management

Shopping Mall Management & Operations


Deal Sourcing and Screening

Investment Approval

Deal structuring and Execution

Corporate Finance

Debt & Equity Capital Markets

Legal, Tax & Risk Management

Portfolio Management & Strategy

Finance & Administration

Investment Structure Management

Investor Relations

Shopping Center

Located in one of the fastest growing suburbs North of Buenos Aires. Total of 156-store shopping mall and entertainment center (43,347 sqm, second largest shopping mall in the country)


Class A corporate office complex (48,000 sqm + 2,000 sqm retail) North of Buenos Aires Delivered in 2009


2-tower residential complex (34,000 sqm) in a traditional middle-class high-density residential neighborhood in the center of Buenos Aires.

Mixed Use Project

Under Development